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It’s time for a new direction for marriage in Iowa. Over the last three years, since the 2009 Varnum decision ended the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage, Iowa has been fighting battle after battle to protect marriage equality and far too much focus has been given to the political aspect of this fight. Families are being lost in the news coverage of these political fights. Now, is the time to refocus the discussion and tell the real story about what this issue is really about — people.

While the politics surrounding this issue will always be there, we must change this conversation to what this debate is really about – people.

But we cannot do it alone. We need you to share your story about why marriage matters to you. With your help, we can reach Iowans in every corner of the state and have the real and meaningful conversations that are necessary to change hearts and minds. Will you join us?

Below are a few ways you can get the conversation started:

Host a House Party

As Iowans who believe in equality, we must be engaged within the community and have personal conversations about Why Marriage Matters here in Iowa. We know that by telling our stories and talking about equality for our families, we can win the hearts and minds of our fellow Iowans. A house party is a great way to gather friends and family to talk about these important issues. Opening up our homes provides a neutral and comfortable environment to have an honest and relaxed conversation about marriage and what it means to committed, loving gay and lesbian couples. It is an opportunity to reach out to people who are undecided on this issue and talk to them about why marriage matters to you and your family and to address any of their concerns.

This is NOT a fundraiser. It is simply a chance to sit down and take the time to have a real conversation about marriage equality.

It’s easy. Simply contact Matty Smith at to get all the tools you need to host your own house party.

Join our Speakers Bureau

Our Speakers Bureau is a program aimed at equipping marriage supporters with the tools they need to speak publicly to the media or at key events in their communities. Participants will learn how to engage and community effectively about marriage equality. We also encourage participants to to identify speaking opportunities in their communities, such as rotary clubs, chambers of commerce, church groups, and other social gatherings – where they can speak about the importance of marriage equality.

To attend a training or get more information, please contact Molly Tafoya at

Get involved on your campus!

Get the conversation started on your campus! We are always looking to engage with students on campuses across Iowa! If you are interested in starting a group on campus, please contact Matthew Skuya at

We can also work to equip you and your fellow students with the tools you need to go back to your home towns over the summer and talk to your friends and loved ones about marriage equality. Click here to learn more about our Summer Home/Home for the Holidays program.

Connect with us!



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