STORIES: A Mother’s Story

My name is Mette and I live in Mount Vernon, IA.  I moved to Iowa five years ago, from Kodiak, Alaska, where I lived for four years.  I have two daughters.  Maia lives in Massachusetts and teaches mathematics at Emmanuel College in Boston.  My other daughter, Liv, lives in Lisbon, Iowa, and is an RN. I am almost retired; I work every other weekend and one day a week in the healthcare field.

After the ousting of the Supreme Court Justices two years ago, I joined the People’s Church in Cedar Rapids as well as the PFLAG chapter. I needed a place to get involved where I felt comfortable.

As a member of the Universalist Unitarian (UU) church, I had the opportunity to lead the service several times.  One of my lectures was on Christianity and equal rights for LGBT people. Being the mother of a gay woman, the hostile language used by opponents of equality–especially Bob Vander Plaats–was of great concern to me and was very hurtful. Because I now work every other weekend and volunteer with our local ambulance service, I am unable to be as active in the UU Church as I have been in the past. But I wanted to share my story and to encourage others to get involved with One Iowa.

My bottom line is that  no one can convince me that one of my daughters should not be equal to my other daughter. It does not make sense that they do not have the same rights and equal protection under our Constitution, simply because of their sexual orientation.

My girls are equal.


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