STORIES: Dr. Daniel K Edge and Mr. AJ Wolff Edge

Dr. Daniel K Edge and Mr. AJ Wolff Edge

Daniel, A.J., and their two boys. "We are a family," A.J. says.

I met my husband over 10 years ago here in Iowa while he was attending school at Iowa State University. We fell in love and after he graduated, we moved to North Carolina where he was from originally.  After Iowa ended the exclusion of gay and lesbian couples from marriage in 2009, we flew to Iowa to get married that July. After our marriage, we returned to North Carolina and later adopted two boys.  Sadly, our marriage was not recognized in North Carolina and therefore only one of us could be listed on the children’s birth certificates (as according to state law in North Carolina two parents of the same sex can not adopt). Anyway, after we completed the necessary adoption requirements in North Carolina, we moved back to Iowa (where we were married) and now we are both listed on their birth certificates. Without our marriage here in Iowa, we would not BOTH be recognized as parents to our children. That is why marriage matters to us: we are a family.


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