STORIES: The Sinovics Celebrate 35 Years

My family just celebrated my parents’ 35th anniversary, with a fun surprise party, great friends, family, and a good time for everyone.

I have a younger brother and sister, and its not something we think about every day – but our parents have been married for a while.

Their commitment to one another, and to our family, has meant so much to us. My brother and sister are the two people I’m closest to in the world. My parents are tied for a close second, and there’s nothing the five of us wouldn’t do for each other.

Our family is defined by the commitment we make to one another, every single day. We care about one another. We call each other. We talk about what’s happening in our lives. We celebrate together every birthday, Easter, Christmas, thanksgiving, and every other holiday. We also help each other when we need it most.

Every family should be able to know the pride and love that we feel for my parents. That’s why I support the freedom to marry for everyone – regardless of sexual orientation.

Everyone should have the same opportunity to throw their parents a surprise party for their 35th wedding anniversary, just like me and my brother and sister did. A marriage and a family should be defined by our love and commitment to one another, and nothing else.


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