Wahls speaks on the topic of equal marriage

August 16, 2012 at 1:44 pm

from Soutwest Iowa News.

Zach Wahls feels he turned out no different than any other young man growing up.

He played sports, was a Cub Scout, had lots of friends and loving parents – even though his parents were “two moms.”

“As far as I can tell, I turned out okay,” the Iowa City resident said in Council Bluffs Wednesday night. “My moms were two of the best examples of strength, courage and discipline.”

Wahls, an author and YouTube sensation for his appearance before the Iowa House in 2011 in support of gay marriage, led a discussion on that issue at the Public Library, sponsored by One Iowa, the state’s largest gay advocacy group.

…The importance for his moms marrying was the legal rights each now had, such as being with each other when medical needs arise. This is in stark contrast years ago when Terry came down with multiple sclerosis. One night, her condition worsened and required emergency help. The doctor in the ER ignored Jackie’s knowledge of Terry’s condition and ordered unnecessary and painful treatment.

“The woman at her side was in the eyes of the law a stranger,” Wahls said.

In high school, Wahls wrote an editorial urging his fellow students to respect each other and refrain from using derogatory names associated with gay people.

“Those words hurt more than just gay people,” Wahls said. “I got overwhelming support (from that editorial).”

Growing up with two moms, Wahls said it’s about love, respect and rights, and urged the audience to continue to support the Supreme Court’s decision.

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