North Carolina vote worries some of Iowa’s gay couples

May 10, 2012 at 2:41 pm


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Wednesday, President Obama told ABC News that he now officially supports gay marriage.   His remarks come on the heels of a vote in North Carolina Tuesday that will instate a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages.

While the president’s endorsement of gay marriage is encouraging for gay couples the North Carolina vote reignites fears about a similar measure being put to a vote here in Iowa.

We’ve just passed the three year anniversary since an Iowa Supreme Court decision made same sex unions legal in our state. But in November 2010, Iowa voters ousted three of the justices who agreed to overturn the state’s ban on same sex marriage.

So when votes like the one in North Carolina come down gay couples in Iowa can’t help but be reminded that their marriages could still be in jeopardy

Brenda Fite and Jennifer Waldron will soon celebrate their three year wedding anniversary.  The couple once thought they’d never have a chance to tie the knot.

“When the Supreme Court ruling came down, we knew pretty instantly that we wanted to be married and all that entailed,” Waldron said.

But since their wedding, the couple feels the legality of their union’s been in a constant state of limbo.  State after state has opted to ban marriages like theirs.  To them, it’s a disheartening trend.

…And because the couple now shares a two-year-old son, they’re even more fearful of the looming threat lawmakers in Iowa could one day overturn their union.

“Marriage matters to us because we’re a family and we love each other.   So I hope that it never comes to a vote,” said Fite.

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